FUSIONS FINEST Khum ka Murg 6.95 Strips of chicken tikka cooked with mushroom onion & peppers in a spicy bhuna sauce. Chicken / Lamb Rezala 6.95 Marinated chicken or lamb cooked with fresh herbs and ground spice in a mild aromatic sauce. Chicken / Lamb Tikka Masala 6.45 Nations all time favourite! Zafrani Chicken / Lamb 6.95 Marinated chicken or lamb in a aromatic sauce with crushed pepper corn, chilli and fenugreek Tandoori King Prawn Masala 8.95 King prawns marinated in delicate spices then cooked in a masala sauce. Chicken or Lamb Mango Curry 6.95 Chicken or lamb cooked with yoghurt, mango and a fusion of delicate spice in a mild rich sauce. Machli Salan 7.95 Indian filleted tropical fish cooked Goa Style, with chilli, garlic, cumin lemon and curry leaves. Chicken / Lamb Pasanda 6.95 Tender pieces of chicken or lamb marinated in delicate spices and cooked with ground almonds and cardamom in a rich mild sauce. Kadhai Chicken / Lamb 6.95 A Fusion special, chicken or lamb simmered in a spicy tomato sauce with garlic, ginger, fresh coriander & green chilli. Salmon Jhul 8.45 Delicately spiced salmon in a light sauce of fresh herbs, lemon, mustard seeds and curry leaves. Vegetable Kofta Curry 5.95 Veg dumplings made from garden fresh vegetables & cooked in a spicy yoghurt based peppered sauce. Chingri Salan 8.45 King prawns cooked Goa Style in a rich sauce with chilli, garlic, cumin, lemon and curry leaves. Chicken or Lamb Adrak 6.95 Ginger flavoured curry cooked with ginger, coriander, chilli & lemon Garlic Chilli Chicken 6.95 Diced chicken cooked with fresh green chillies herbs, tomato and garlic Jalfrezy Chicken 5.95 Lamb 6.25 Prepared with chopped tomatoes, ginger, pepper, onion and sliced green chilies Chicken or Lamb Tikka Jalfrezy 6.45 Prepared with chopped tomatoes, ginger, pepper, onion and sliced green chilies King Prawn Jalfrezy 7.95 Prepared with chopped tomatoes, ginger, pepper, onion and sliced green chilies
TANDOORI SELECTION Served with salad Tikka Chicken 5.45 Lamb 5.95 Boneless chicken/lamb pieces cooked in the tandoor Tandoori Chicken 5.95 Tender half chicken on the bone prepared with mild spices Sula Salmon 7.95 Fresh salmon char grilled in the tandoor with a delicate fusion of spices & lemon. Shashlik Chicken 6.45 Lamb 6.75 Seasoned with herbs and spices, cooked in the tandoor with capsicum, tomato & onion Tandoori Lamb Chops 7.45 Tender baby lamb chops marinated in ginger and spices overnight and cooked in the tandoor. Tandoori King Prawn 8.95 King prawns marinated in a fusion of spices and tenderly cooked in the tandoor. Tandoori Platter 9.95 A selection of tandoori chicken, lamb chop, chicken tikka sheek kebab, lamb tikka and nan. King Prawn Shashlik 9.95 King Prawns marinated in moderate spices, cooked in the tandoor with capsicum, tomato and onion. Paneer Shashlik 6.75 Cubes of Indian cottage cheese marinated & cooked in the tandoor with tomato, capsicum a& onion.
BIRYANI Cooked with saffron infused basmati rice and seasoned with herbs and spices, served with vegetable curry. Biryani Chicken 6.45 Lamb 6.75 Chicken or Lamb Tikka Biryani 6.95 Prawn Biryani 7.25 King Prawn Biryani 8.45 Vegetable Biryani 5.95 Fusion Biryani A mix of chicken, lamb and prawns 7.50
VEGETABLE SIDES Niramish 2.85 Dry garden vegetables Bombay Aloo 2.85 Spicy Potatoes Vegetable Curry 2.85 Garden vegetables in medium sauce Mushroom Bhaji 2.85 Medium spiced Bhindi Bhaji 2.85 Okra (Ladies fingers) Saag Bhaji 2.85 Medium spiced spinach Chana Masala 2.85 Medium spiced chickpeas Sag Aloo 2.85 Spinach and potato Cauliflower Bhaji 2.85 Medium spiced Bengan Bhaji 2.85 Aubergine Garlic Mushroom 2.85 Medium spiced Sag Paneer 2.85 Spinach and cheese Aloo Gobi 2.85 Potato and cauliflower Matar Paneer 2.85 Peas and cheese Aloo Bengan 2.85 Aubergine and potato Sag Dall 2.85 Spinach, lentils and garlic Tarka Dall 2.85 Lentils with garlic
SET MEALS SET MEAL FOR ONE 11.50 Chicken tikka (Starter) Chicken tikka masala, Bombay aloo, Rice & Nan SET MEAL FOR TWO 22.50 Katti kebab & Chicken tikka (Starter) Lamb bhuna, Chicken tikka masala, Mushroom bhaji, Bombay aloo, 2 Pilau rice, Peshwari nan & Garlic nan VEG FOR ONE 10.50 Onion bhaji (Starter) Vegetable kofta curry, Bombay Aloo Rice & Nan (No further discount)
TRADITIONAL DISHES Korma Very mild dish cooked in a rich sauce of almonds, coconut and fresh cream. Bhuna Medium spiced, cooked with onions and tomatoes in a dry rich sauce. Korai Cooked in a medium sauce with chopped onions, peppers & herbs, served in a iron skillet. Pathia Fairly hot, cooked with tomato and onion, slightly sweet and sour. Curry Medium spiced classic curry. Madras Fairly hot, cooked with chilli and lime juice. Vindaloo Cooked in a very hot sauce with chilli and lime. Rogan A blend of authentic freshly ground medium spices & garnished with tomatoes & herbs. Dansak Fairly hot, cooked in a rich lentil sauce, slightly sweet and sour. Dupiaza Exciting mix of tomato, pepper and chopped onion, prepared in a rich medium sauce. Balti Refined & based on fresh herbs, tomatoes & tamarind sauce, served in an iron skillet Sag Cooked with fresh spinach, garlic and ginger and a variety of medium spices. Chicken £5.45 Lamb £5.95 Chicken or Lamb Tikka £6.25 Prawn £6.45 King Prawn £7.45 Vegetable £4.95
RICE Plain Rice 1.75 Steamed basmati rice Pilau Rice 1.95 Saffron infused basmati rice Special Rice 2.60 Fried with egg, peas and onion Mushroom Rice 2.60 Tossed with fresh mushrooms Lemon Rice 2.60 Infused with lemon Vegetable Rice 2.60 Tossed with fresh garden vegetables Keema Rice 2.70 Fried with spicy minced lamb Garlic Rice 2.60 Infused with garlic Fusion Rice 2.70 Combination of any two rice from above BREAD Nan 1.75 Garlic Nan 1.95 Garlic and herbs Keema Nan 2.10 Minced lamb and coriander filling Peshwari Nan 1.95 Sweet bread with coconut and almond filling Stuffed Nan Fresh garden vegetables 1.95 Garlic & Cheese Nan 2.10 Garlic, herbs and cheese Chilli Nan 1.95 Hot, with fresh green chilli and coriander. Cheese Nan 2.10 Stuffed with Indian cottage cheese Paratha 1.95 Whole wheat layered bread cooked on a tawa pan. Stuffed Paratha 2.10 Layered bread stuffed with garden vegetables Tandoori Roti 1.75 Wheat bread cooked in the tandoor Chapaty 1.15 A light thin bread ACCOMPANIMENTS Chips 1.50 Raita Onion / Cucumber yoghurt 1.50 Mixed Salad Crispy garden greens 1.75 Papadum Plain / Spicy 0.60 Mango Chutney 0.65 Mint Sauce / Onion Salad 0.60
APPETISERS Chicken Tikka 2.80 Succulent pieces of chicken marinated and cooked in the tandoor. Lamb Tikka 2.95 Succulent pieces of lamb marinated and cooked in the tandoor. Salmon Tikka 3.95 Fresh salmon chargrilled in the tandoor with a delicate fusion of spice and lemon. Mixed Starter 3.25 A selection of Chicken Tikka, Meat Samosa and Onion Bhaji Machli Ajwaini 3.50 Tropical fish steaks in a spicy gram flour batter with ginger ajwain and paprika Katti Kebab 2.95 Finely sliced tender lamb tossed with cucumber and spices, wrapped in a chapaty. Samosa (Meat or Veg) 2.60 Triangular pastry filled with lightly spiced vegetables or minced lamb. Tandoori Lamb Chops 3.50 Tender baby lamb chops marinated overnight and cooked in the tandoor. Sheek Kebab 2.95 Minced lamb with a fusion of herbs and spices skewered and grilled in the tandoor. Reshmi Kebab 2.95 Minced lamb with moderate spices, grilled and covered with an omelette Tandoori Chicken 2.95 Tender 1/4 spring chicken marinated overnight and cooked in the tandoor. Fusion Platter 3.95 A Selection of chicken tikka, salmon tikka and lamb chop. Prawn Puri 2.95 Well spiced prawns served with a thin fried bread. King Prawn Puri 3.95 Well spiced king prawns served with a thin fried bread. King Prawn Butterfly 3.75 Lightly spiced king prawn, coated with breadcrumbs and fried. Tandoori King Prawn 3.95 King prawns char grilled in the tandoor with a fusion of spice and herbs. Onion Bhaji 2.80 Shredded onion balls with cumin and herbs, deep fried. Panner Tikka 2.80 Indian cottage cheese filled with mint, marinated and cooked in the tandoor. Prawn Cocktail 2.60 Prawns with salad and topped with cocktail sauce. Mirch Tikki 2.60 Green pepper stuffed with lightly spiced garden vegetables and cheese, cooked in the tandoor. Chicken or Aloo Chat 2.60 Slices of chicken or potato cooked with cucumber, slightly tangy and hot. Chicken 65 2.95 Chicken tikka fried with peppers, onion, chilli and curry leaves